Welcome to HIKARI7 !

An independent game studio created by three enthusiasts. We put this passion of game and our creativity at the service of players to propose you experiences always more pleasant and original.

We hope that you will like our games as much as we enjoy making them!

COLORACE Coming soon in December…

… with a new graphic identity!


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Paris Games Week is now far away …

… and it is time to thank everyone for coming to our booth!

This week was really exciting! We were surprised to see a fair amount of press coming to us and getting excited by COLORACE. We made a few interviews which was a great experience (see below). Hope they will continue to support us when we will release the game!

It was also the first time for us to meet players, some were already playing INOQONI (few of them I have to admit) and others where discovering INOQONI and COLORACE. We recorded more than 3000 thousands race played on COLORACE (and just one freeze) and some good headaches for INOQONI on 6 days. Outstanding! There was sometimes crowd watching for good players and people were waiting to test our game! :D

What we will remind from this PGW14? When some players, testing COLORACE, turn back after a game over and tell you “Can I do one more? (Of course dude!!!!). Or sometimes they will just turn back to check if someone is waiting before launching a new race… :)

Thank you so much for all these moments!

Now it is time for us to focus on releasing COLORACE! Our batteries are fully loaded! More news soon!


Press is talking about us:


David Neichel on BFM TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQuMnD85_mw




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Testing Colorace controller for PGW14

We have created a controller for Colorace to play with at Paris Games Week. More photos coming soon …


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Gifts for PGW14 ready!

For those making the best score each day on our new game COLORACE!
Meet us on the MADE IN FRANCE pavillon.


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Game Connection

We will also be attending Game Connection because it is a great opportunity to meet with many game industry professionnals.
There are also lots of great conference :)

HIKARI7 is an independant game studio. We are developping our own games and also providing services for companies.
If you are seaching for indie studio with tons of game ideas and acknowledge skills in design, game development, marketing and advertising. Let’s meet there.
You can send us meeting request through the game connection app or just contact us on this website.


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We will be exhibitors on Paris Games Week.
If you want to discover our games (INOQONI, COLORACE and BSF) or just win some goodies, come and play with us on our boot (search for Pavillon Made in France).

Nous serons exposant sur la Paris Games Week.
Si vous voulez découvrir nos jeux (INOQONI, COLORACE and BSF) ou simplement gagner des goodies, venez jouer avec nous sur notre stand (sur le pavillon Made in France).


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COLORACE dev preview in Unity3D

A small vine during a development session…


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Contact us

4, av. Laurent Cély, Hall D
92600 Asnière-sur-Seine

+33 9 72 44 99 38